Rising Sun Karate Association

RSKA Application Forms

The forms on this page are for your convenience. All forms are available from club instructors.

New Student Registration Form (A4)

New beginners, this is the form for you.
(New beginners can turn up to a class without having pre-filled in any forms.)
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Licence Form (A4)

All Rising Sun Karate Association students must have a licence. Your licence is also your insurance. New beginners have a short period of time before they are required to have a licence.
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Membership Form (A5)

Some RSKA clubs have a membership scheme which offer a reduced lesson fee. Check with your instructor.
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Dan Grade Application Form (A4)

If you wish to take a Dan grading, then this is the form you need.

You must be a RSKA student, attended all of the necessary courses and completed at least the minimum number of lessons.
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