Rising Sun Karate Association

Senior Grade Courses

These courses are designed to give extra preparation for Senior Grades towards their gradings, especially those taking Black Belt gradings. Between the four courses (twice per year – eight in total), the whole seven sections of the Grading Syllabus will be covered in detail.

The Instructors running these courses are your GRADING EXAMINERS! So with this in mind it is extremely beneficial for Senior Grades to attend these courses and as many as possible! Places are limited so book early. To reserve your place on the course, you must pay at the time of booking.

Students who failed their Dan Grading must attend the relevant course(s) concerning the section(s) which you failed before you can retake your Dan grading again.

Course Categories


Pad Work Punching and Kicking

Kumite Combinations and Sparring Techniques

Basic Combinations and Katas

Cost: £6.50 per course (Qualified Instructors = £4.00)

Taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan
Twelve months prior to your Dan grading, you must attend the FOUR courses.